H2O Vac Pro

The Handy Green Cleaning Dream!

Forget spending hundreds on disposable cleaning products and paper towels that clutter up your cabinets and landfills.


The cleaning engineers at Thane have developed the all-in-one handheld cleaning miracle with the H2O Vac Pro. This is an amazing compact, portable and rechargeable hard vertical surface clean machine that's a sprayer, scrubber, squeegee and handheld vacuum all in one!


Perfect for windows and mirrors, the Vac Pro's innovative on-board dual chamber holds your cleaning solution in the top chamber and deposits the mess in the bottom one. This means you will clean up the dirt and grime and your hands never touch the mess.


Why Clean with H2O VAC™ Pro?

In today’s day and age, consistent deep cleaning has never been more important, and the H2O VAC™ Pro puts professional cleaning in the palm of your hand. Why spend a fortune on disposable dusters, mops, paper towels, and more? Use the amazing VAC™ Pro time and again on all of life's messes!

Pro clean all the hard vertical surfaces in your home. With just one hand you spray, scrub, squeegee, and vacuum the grime and liquid mess… leaving nothing but a deep clean behind.

How Does It Work?

Simply add water to the collection chamber, give it a spray, turn on the power vacuum and you’re on your way.

H2O VAC™ Pro power cleans virtually any hard vertical surface and then sucks up the residue, so you never have to touch it. Say goodbye to soggy paper towels or dangerous chemicals.

With H2O VAC™ Pro, you just vac and go!

  • Works wonders on all hard vertical surfaces! Perfect for windows, mirrors, tile, car windows, stainless steel, and more.

  • No more mess! Say goodbye to spray bottles, paper towels, dirty rags and bacteria filled sponges. Just a spritz of water for a streak free shine every time.

  • Save Money! Stop wasting money on paper towels. The microfiber scrubbing pads are interchangeable, reusable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

  • One hand, no touch operation! Precision clean with just one hand. Best of all, the mess stays in the container until you empty it.

Power Sprayer

Squeeze the trigger to put the cleaning solution right where you need it.


Built-in squeegee provides a streak-free shine every time.

Dual Liquid Chamber

Innovative dual chamber holds cleaner on one side, and dirty liquid on the other.


No batteries to replace or cords to tangle with a handy built-in rechargeable battery.

Microfiber cleaning towel

Scrub stubborn dirt and grime free for easy cleaning.


Powerful vacuum cleans up the mess in just one simple swipe.

Ergonomic Handle

Easy one-hand operation means you never mess with the mess.


Weighing less than 1.5 pounds, the H2O VAC™ Pro is so lightweight you can easily use it with one hand all around your home!

What's Included?

1 x H2O VAC™ Pro unit

1 x microfiber cleaning cloth

1 x long-life lithium battery

1 x wall charger

1 x unconditional Pristine-Clean 30 day money back guarantee.